Get Ireland Walking

21 Day Walking Challenge is now digital! Why not download the app now and walk into 2021! We’re challenging you to walk at least once a day for 21 days in a row and we promise you that if you complete the challenge, you’ll have a walking habit to be proud of by 2021. The app allows you to record how you are feeling, your mood and energy levels through the challenge. If you are feeling low starting your walk or indeed at any point during it you can reach out for support or learn more about boosting your mood. You can find support on Mental Health Ireland’s Walks to Wellbeing

Get Ireland Walking is a national initiative that aims to maximise the number of people participating in walking – for health, wellbeing and fitness – throughout Ireland. We aim to:

  • Unify and enable the efforts of all recreational, sporting and health promotion agencies and associations interested in promoting walking
  • Increase awareness and encourage widespread participation in walking
  • Identify and support all existing walking groups
  • Support the development of new walking groups
  • Encourage and inspire those that wish to be independent walkers to do so
  • Promote the benefits of walking


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