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Blarney v Cloyne - The Blarney Roses!

Sunday 30th June, 2013

All-Ireland IH Final 2009

Tuesday 17th July, 2012

Highlights from the All-Ireland Intermediate Hurling Final 2009 when Blarney beat Cappataggle of Galway on a scoreline of Blarney 2-14 Cappataggle 1-12.

Cork v Clare 2012 MFC

Tuesday 17th July, 2012

Cork v Mayo - NFL Final 2012

Saturday 05th May, 2012

JBM - Laochra Gael

Saturday 05th May, 2012

Cork v Kilkenny League 2012

Thursday 19th April, 2012

Cork v Tipperary League 2012

Thursday 19th April, 2012

Cork v Waterford League 2012

Monday 12th March, 2012

Hurling - The Fastest Game on Grass

Tuesday 28th February, 2012

Cork Hurling Magical Moments

Monday 20th February, 2012

Hurling Wall Drills

Wednesday 01st February, 2012

A selection of wall drills for honing your hurling or camogie skills. All you need is a ball, a hurley, and a wall. You can practice and experiment, with your friends or on your own. That's where you truly master the skills of the game.

County PIHC Final 2008

Wednesday 01st February, 2012

Highlights from Blarney's victory in the Premier Intermediate Hurling Final 2008, when they beat Courcey Rovers on a scoreline of 0-13 to 1-09.

Pat Horgan Hurling Tips

Tuesday 31st January, 2012

Pat Horgan talks to Centra about his tips for hurling skills.

Catching a High Ball

Tuesday 31st January, 2012

Training video on catching a high ball from Martin Coleman.

The Blarney Rose

Tuesday 31st January, 2012

The Willoughby Brothers singing the Blarney Roses on Up-for-the-Match.

The Banks of my Own Lovely Lee

Monday 30th January, 2012

Seán Ó Sé singing the Banks of my Own Lovely Lee

Amhrán na bhFiann

Sunday 29th January, 2012

Amhrán na bhFiann being sung at Croke Park before the All-Ireland Football Final between Cork and Down in 2010.

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